Biojuve skincare is a revolutionary range that optimises skin health using clinically proven, living microbe technology. As a dedicated skin clinic in Billericay, Essex, I am thrilled to introduce a groundbreaking skincare protocol that combines the innovative Biojuve skincare line with SkinPen microneedling. This powerful combination activates your natural healing processes while balancing your skin biome, delivering remarkable improvements in your skin’s health and appearance in a remarkably short timeframe.

Why Choose Biojuve Skincare?

Biojuve skincare is a revolutionary range that optimises skin health on and below the surface using clinically proven, living microbe technology. Developed by leading skin scientists and endorsed by top dermatologists, Biojuve skincare harnesses the power of the skin’s microbiome to foster healthier, younger-looking skin. The patented Xycrobe™ Technology employs living microbial powerhouses that thrive on your skin’s surface and deep within hair follicles. These microbes produce and deliver essential essentials—proteins, polypeptides, and antioxidants—around the clock.

Traditional skincare has primarily focused on skin cells, but recent studies highlight the crucial role of the skin’s microbiome in overall skin health. Much like the gut microbiome, the skin’s microbiome is essential for maintaining its health and vitality. Biojuve skincare embraces this concept by nurturing the skin biome, leading to visible improvements in texture, tone, and overall appearance.

Today, our skin faces a barrage of stress from genetics, environmental factors, age, pathogens, and more. Without protection, these stressors throw the complex environment of the skin microbiome into chaos and can accelerate the visible signs of ageing. Optimising your skin’s living microbiome is the most effective way to enhance skin health and vitality.

Why SkinPen Microneedling?

SkinPen is an FDA-cleared microneedling device that creates millions of microchannels in the skin, initiating a cascade of natural healing processes. This process can continue for months after treatment, significantly increasing collagen and elastin production, smoothing neck wrinkles, and improving the appearance of acne scars. SkinPen helps return skin to its healthy, youthful-looking state, making it an excellent choice for facial acne scars and neck wrinkles.

The Synergy of Biojuve Skincare and SkinPen Microneedling

Combining Biojuve skincare with SkinPen microneedling enhances the benefits of both treatments, ensuring optimal results:

Preparation and Recovery: Use the Biojuve regime (both AM and PM) for 2 weeks prior to your first SkinPen treatment to prepare your skin for optimal microneedling results. 24 hours after the SkinPen treatment, restart your Biojuve skincare to accelerate healing and minimise downtime. Clinical studies show that using Biojuve before and after SkinPen treatments decreases recovery time and allows for superior skin rejuvenation.

Long-Term Benefits: While SkinPen activates your skin’s natural healing processes, Biojuve balances your skin biome, enhancing long-term skin health and appearance. This holistic approach ensures that your skin not only looks better but also functions better, providing lasting results.

Your Personalised Skincare Regime

To maximise the benefits of Biojuve skincare and SkinPen microneedling, follow this simple daily regimen:


PM Regime

  1. Biojuve Conditioning Cleanse: Start your evening routine by cleansing your skin to prepare it for the Biojuve Living Biome Essentials Serum and Activating Mist.
  2. Biojuve Living Biome Essentials Serum: Apply this serum to deliver powerful microbe technology to your skin.
  3. Biojuve Activating Mist: This mist activates the living microbes, ensuring they start working immediately.

AM Regime

  1. Biojuve Conditioning Cleanse: Begin your day by cleansing your skin.
  2. Biojuve Biome Support Complex: Boost your skin’s microbiome with this support complex.
  3. Biojuve Hydrating Barrier Cream: Finish your routine with this hydrating cream, available in formulations for both Normal to Oily and Normal to Dry skin.

Before and After Results of Clinical Studies

Clinical study data show that using Biojuve use before and after SkinPen treatments decreases recovery time following treatment and allows for optimal skin rejuvenation. The before and after images speak for themselves, showcasing significant improvements in skin texture, tone, fine lines, wrinkles, and overall vitality. These results underscore the effectiveness of integrating Biojuve with SkinPen microneedling into your skincare routine.

Frequently Asked Questions

When will I see the results?

Clinical trials have shown visible results in as little as one week, with continued improvement over time. Combining Biojuve with SkinPen microneedling can accelerate these results, offering a noticeable difference in a shorter period.

Who should use Biojuve skincare and SkinPen?

This combined protocol is ideal for anyone looking for a natural, biological approach to improving skin tone, texture, fine lines, wrinkles, redness, photodamage, and undereye circles. Whether you’re struggling with acne scars, signs of ageing, or simply want to enhance your skin’s overall health, Biojuve and SkinPen microneedling can provide the solution.

Why switch to this combined protocol?

Biojuve enhances your skin’s natural microbiome, promoting health and vitality 24/7 through its innovative Xycrobe™ Technology. When paired with SkinPen microneedling, which stimulates natural healing processes, you get comprehensive skin rejuvenation that addresses multiple skin concerns simultaneously.

Transform Your Skincare Routine

Elevate your skincare with Biojuve and SkinPen microneedling at my clinic and discover the difference that living microbe technology and advanced microneedling can make. Use the link below to schedule a consultation and learn more about how this combined protocol can benefit your skin.

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