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Forehead wrinkles are one of the commonest areas people have concerns with regard to ageing. Frown lines and forehead lines (also called worry lines) are the most common aesthetic complaint.

As we age, the forehead area can undergo changes that affect its appearance. Some of the most common age-related changes that can occur in the forehead area include:

Wrinkles and Fine Lines

Fine lines and wrinkles can form on the forehead, making it appear aged. These lines can be caused by repetitive facial movements like frowning or raising the eyebrows.

Sagging Skin

Loss of elasticity in the skin can lead to sagging and drooping of the forehead, creating a tired or aged appearance.

Volume Loss

The forehead can lose volume and become sunken, making wrinkles and fine lines more noticeable.

Brow Descent

The eyebrows can descend with age, leading to a hooded appearance and making the forehead appear heavier.

Forehead Lines

Deep horizontal lines can form on the forehead due to repeated facial expressions or sun damage.

Hollowing of the temples

The temples can become sunken and hollow due to the loss of fat and collagen. A hollow temple can make you look older or more tired than you actually are. The overall effect makes your face look gaunt and less youthful. This hollowing effect can also make the forehead appear wider and the eyes appear more sunken, creating a more aged or tired appearance. Additionally, when the temples are hollowed, it can make the cheekbones appear less prominent, which can further detract from a youthful, defined facial structure.

To address these changes, there are several cosmetic treatments available, including dermal fillers as well as skin boosters and anti-wrinkle injections. During your consultation, Dr Tash will evaluate your facial features and recommend the most suitable procedure to achieve your desired outcome.

The Treatment options I offer

Dermal Fillers

Dermal fillers treatment to the temples can help restore a more youthful appearance, adding volume to the face and creating a more balanced and symmetrical look.

Anti-wrinkle injections

Can be used to relax the frown muscles, the forehead muscles as well as lift the tail end of brows.

Skin boosters

Skin boosters can be used to hydrate the forehead area reducing fine lines and wrinkles.

Because it is important that your particular problem is identified correctly, I would encourage you to arrange a consultation at Skin Enhance and Wellness for an in-depth analysis of your facial features and devise a customised treatment plan, based on your requirements.

Skin Boosters

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