Radara eye rejuvenation system

Radara® Eye Rejuvenation system

Radara Eye Rejuvenation System Billericay

Radara® is the UK’s first patented micro-channelling home skin rejuvenation system for lines in the outer corner of your eyes and under-eye lines. It is painless, quick, easy, and offers long-lasting, natural results. It can be used on its own or complement other aesthetic treatments such as anti-wrinkle injections.

How Radara® works

Radara® employs purpose-designed patches covered with microscopic structures which create virtually invisible, pain-free, micro-channels in the skin when applied.
These micro-channels allow the skin to effectively absorb the specially formulated Hyaluronic Acid serum.
The creation of micro-channels encourages new collagen production in the treated area, while deep absorption of the serum gives the skin around the eyes a plumper, firmer appearance.

Each pack contains a month’s supply of patches to be used at night to repair, rejuvenate, and replenish the eye area, diminishing wrinkles and restoring skin quality for a radiant, refreshed appearance. 

Clinical trials show that fine lines and wrinkles around the eyes are reduced by about 20% in just one week, and by 35% on average after 4 weeks. This treatment will also significantly improve the quality of the skin, leaving it visibly firmer and smoother.


Radara Anti Aging Essex

Radara Anti Aging Billericay


How to use Radara®

Radara® is designed to be applied daily with single-use patches for 5 minutes every night for 4 weeks. Depending on desired results, Radara® is recommended for use once every 3 months. For best results, Radara® should be used in the evening as part of a normal nightly skincare routine.

1. Cleanse skin thoroughly.
2. Remove the patches from their packaging and apply the patches to the area to be treated with the micro-channel side facing the skin for a few seconds and press gently to create the micro-channels.
3. Remove the patches and place them in their packaging, micro-channels facing upwards.
4. One pump from the serum is applied gently with a clean finger to each eye area being treated.
5. Re-apply the patches to the eye area and leave for 5 minutes. Try to avoid facial movements at this stage.
6. Remove and dispose of the patches after 5 minutes to get optimum results. Fresh patches should be used daily.

Precautions with Radara® 

Radara® should not be used in conjunction with any other skincare products, i.e. avoid other nighttime products.
Avoid use immediately after treatment with anti-wrinkle, filler, or other injectables in the eye area.
Radara® should not be used when active skin conditions are present in the same area.
It is not suitable if you are prone to puffiness in the eye area.

Before and After Radara use for 1 month

Radara eye home treatment patches
Radara eye home treatment patches

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