Skin Bio-remodelling Treatment

Skin Bio-remodelling Treatment

profhiloProfhilo® is an innovative product that integrates into the tissue where it restores the levels of hyaluronic acid naturally found in the skin. Clinical data confirms that it stimulates the remodelling of the skin improving skin texture, elasticity, and hydration with an immediate tightening effect. It contains a higher concentration of hyaluronic acid than dermal fillers, but it does not work like dermal fillers. It contains both short and long chains of hyaluronic acid fused by NAHYCO hybrid technology to provide exceptional benefits to the skin. Unlike dermal fillers, it promotes tissue remodelling without adding volume. By influencing skin cells at a cellular level, it improves the function of the skin as a whole.

It is both highly stable yet highly flowable and once injected, able to spread like honey beneath the skin.

Skin benefits:

Improves skin laxity
Improves skin texture
Improve the skin’s overall tone
Enhances hydration
Produces a healthy glow.

As an injectable hyaluronic acid product, it can be used in any part of the body to improve skin laxity including the neck, hands, arms, abdomen, and legs.

Hyaluronic acid is a clear gel-like material produced in our bodies. It is composed of a chain of sugar molecules found in high concentrations in our skin. Here it works by attracting and holding onto water to hydrate the skin while volumising and lubricating the surrounding tissue. Hyaluronic acid not only helps skin elasticity but also has anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties to help skin heal.

We break down our natural hyaluronic acid every few days and new ones are constantly produced. As we get older, the rate of hyaluronic acid production slows down. This can be affected by internal and external factors leading to poor skin laxity, dehydrated skin and skin that lacks lustre. By using the right form of hyaluronic acid in our skincare or injecting it into the skin, we can replenish the hyaluronic acid levels in our skin.

At a Glance

NUMBER OF TREATMENTSRecommended Protocol for Profhilo® is Usually 2-3 treatments 4 weeks apart with maintenance programme afterwards.
RECOVERY TIME12 - 48hours
BACK TO NORMALUsually immediate however some may experience some swelling, redness and the skin might feel tighter than usual.
FINAL RESULTSNoticeable improvement 4 weeks after 1 treatment.
DURATION OF RESULTSUp to 6 months hence maintenance is recommended.
POSSIBLE COMPLICATIONSSoreness, redness, skin irritation, bruises, swelling, local inflammation and infection. Allergic reaction-rare.
PRECAUTIONS POST PROCEDUREAvoid for 24hrs: Strenuous exercise/ makeup/sauna/extreme temperatures.
Avoid for 3days: active/prescriptive skincare containing alpha hydroxy acids, beta hydroxy acids. Avoid emollients, dyes/colouring agents.
Avoid for 14-28days: Direct sun exposure .
ContraindicationsPregnancy and Breastfeeding.
What conditions is this suitable for?Poor skin laxity, fine lines and wrinkles confined to the skin
Any pre-treatment necessary?Anyone suffering with cold sores would be advised to have prophylactic treatment.
Disclaimer: Each person is unique so there will always be variation in individual response to treatment, recovery, and downtime following treatment. Please bear in mind that the above are estimates. Please book an appointment with me for your tailor-made treatment plan.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does Profhilo work?
By injecting the hyaluronic acid directly into the skin layer where it is needed, it can be used to treat skin laxity in any part of the body. The advantage of this is instant hydration as well as collagen stimulation over the following weeks.
What happens during a treatment session?
For facial treatment, you would have injections in 5 standard locations on your cheeks and lower face per side. The process takes about 20-30 minutes. You do not require and numbing cream prior to this procedure. You should avoid makeup immediately following the treatment to prevent infection. You can normally return to normal activities after treatment.
What can I expect after the treatment?
Possible side effects are redness, mild swelling, tightness and itching which might last for up to 2 days. Allergic reaction to the product is possible but rare. I will give you my personal mobile number to use if you have any concerns. It is advisable not to wear makeup and avoid strenuous exercise for the first 24 hours after the procedure. Avoid intensive sunlight for 2-3 weeks post-procedure. It is recommended to have a good skincare routine with sunscreen following the procedure to gain optimal results. Aftercare information sheets will be provided post-procedure and I will be happy to offer any advice you need, on this.
How do I maintain glowing healthy skin?
It is recommended that you have two to three treatments at the recommended interval and continue with a maintenance programme with or without a prescription based skincare routine.

Before and After

Profhilo Face

Profhilo Neck

Profhilo Before and after
Profhilo before and after
Profhilo body
Profhilo body

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