Cheek filler is a popular treatment to lift and sculpt your cheeks. But did you know that it can do more than that? The cheeks are one of the main areas you lose volume with facial ageing. Dermal fillers can be strategically placed along the cheekbones to provide a flattering cheek lift. This in turn adds volume in this area while smoothing out wrinkles in the process.

How do dermal fillers work?

Made from hyaluronic acid, normally produced in our skin, can absorb 1000x its weight in water. Dermal fillers have many advantages. Firstly, they help to support, plump and hydrate the cheeks. Secondly, they maintain the results by encouraging collagen and elastin production within the skin. Thirdly, they are quick treatments with little or no downtime. Most importantly, as a non-surgical treatment, you can have a staggered approach targeting the most problematic area first. Finally, it can be dissolved should a rare complication arise.

At Skin Enhance and Wellness in Billericay, only FDA-approved premium brands of dermal fillers are used. These include Teoxane and MaiLi dermal fillers

dermal filler hyaluronic acid

Why does cheek filler make such an impact?

As one of the first areas to lose volume in your face, the cheeks upset the area directly above and below it. In a youthful face, the deep fat pads in the cheeks give projection and shape in this area. As we get older, the downward shift of deep fat pads, their shrinking, and the retreat of the bones can crate mild hollowness. As a result, the under-eye area can appear more sunken whilst the lower part of your face can look fuller. The cheek area itself can look flat or even develop a groove.

Once restored, the youthful curves are re-established supporting the under-eye area. Afterward, further treatment can be performed in the under-eye area if required.

Will I look dramatically different after treatment?

The ethos at Skin Enhance and Wellness is to give you a refreshed and restored appearance with bespoke treatments. There is no ‘celebrity filler package’ because you are unique, and your treatment may be different from what your friend needs!

The filler brands chosen are carefully picked and are extremely successful at integrating with your natural tissue to give a smooth appearance.

How deep are the injections?

I normally treat the cheeks via 2 approaches. During the initial treatment, you may have deep injections to support the bone structure. Subsequently, you may have superficial treatment using a cannula technique. Either way, you have mild discomfort during treatment with a quick recovery. Besides, I will choose the most appropriate treatment plan to get you the best results.

How long does cheek filler last?

Dermal fillers are semi-permanent and will slowly break down over time. The breakdown may be faster in certain areas involving high mobility such as the lips. Most cheeks fillers last between 9-12 months at which time you may require a ‘top-up’ treatment.

In summary, here are the main advantages of cheek filler:

Helps you look refreshed and less tired. 

Brings balance to your whole face which is more attractive. 

Draws the eyes away from the lower face and onto your new highlighted cheekbones.

Supports your under-eye area. 

Minimises grooves in the cheeks. 

 Reduces the lower smile lines at the outer corner of your eyes not targeted with anti-wrinkle injections. 

Minimal downtime.

Quick treatment. 

In conclusion, full cheeks are a sign of youth. They bring harmony and balance to your face by giving the cheeks more prominence while firming up the skin of the cheekbones. It can be combined with other treatments like lip fillers, tear trough fillers, chin fillers, jawline fillers, and antiwrinkle injections. In summary, cheek fillers can generate a youthful, natural look.

Please book a consultation to find the best treatment.

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